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FILTISAC present at the internship forum

FROM 03 to 04 October 2019 was held at SOFITEL HOTEL IVOIRE, the 3rd edition of the internship forum, organized by the firm IEMPOWER TALENTS and CAREERS, with the aim of helping young job seekers to integrate into the world of work on the one hand and on the other hand enable companies to strengthen their pools of skills.

On this occasion, several large companies among others (CEMOI, SOTRA, FILTISAC, CIE ..) responded to the invitation by taking stands. FILTISAC’s participation in this event aimed to:

  • Support the efforts of IEMPOWER TALENTS in its fight against youth unemployment and by extension support the youth employment policy initiated by the State (CSR)
  • Obtain good candidates and strengthen our CV database;
  • Improve FILTISAC’s civic brand image to attract and retain young people.

The FILTISAC team, composed of Mr. KANGA Raphael, Mrs. YAO Marie Laure and our 2 assistants Miss DJE-Lou Mariana and Miss N’DRI Colombe, took this opportunity to present the IPS institution in general and in particular FILTISAC through its activities, factories and products.

It was an opportunity to expose, in front of our visitors, on the conditions for obtaining internships, the types of internships, the most popular internship channels at FILTISAC and also to answer questions while advising young people, some good practices to make it easier for them to obtain internships and jobs. We received at our stand several hundred graduates (BT, BTS, Engineer) referenced in the IEMPOWER TALENTS file; from different training courses (Accounting, HR, Maintenance).

However, it is clear that these young people generally lack experience and have very little information about society for most of them. We spoke with structures like (CEMOI, CIE,) which seem to experience the same problems as us in terms of (skills deficit of young people, departures, etc.) and we have reactivated certain partnerships (INPHB, CIE, etc.). We also attended conferences (hosted by CIE, EN-DELEO, CFAO, etc.) on job search techniques and the sharing of experiences of people who have succeeded in the field of entrepreneurship. Overall, FILTISAC made a good impression. The next edition is scheduled for the 3rd quarter of 2020.

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01 BP 3962 Abidjan 01
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01 BP 3962 Abidjan 01
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Tél. : (225) 27 20 30 46 00
Fax : (225) 27 20 30 46 46