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Full Liner Certification Ceremony

For some time now, players in the rubber sector have been plagued by difficulties relating to the export of their products. And for good reason, the shipowners complain about the improper conditioning of rubber (serum, odor, etc.) and threaten to no longer charter their vessels if adequate hygiene measures are not taken.

Faced with these difficulties, the Ivorian government recommended that natural rubber groups approach FILTISAC to jointly find an appropriate packaging solution. After a few months of research, FILTISAC created the Full Liner. In order to carry out the leak test of this packaging with rubber serum with a view to obtaining international certification, FILTISAC invited, on Monday October 28, 2019, on the occasion of a solemn ceremony , industry players on its site.

The CEO, Mr. Ibrahima Charles AMADOU, welcomed the representatives of the different organizations, the members of the CODIR, the staff representatives, the project team, the communication agencies as well as the JDF then set the context of ceremony.

Following him, the DOP, Mr. Ouattara Sylvestre, accompanied by the Director of the Synthetic Plant, Mrs. Hélène N’GORAN, gave a brief history of the project before presenting the specificities of the Full Liner as well as the arrangements to be made. terms of training and preparation for successful assembly of the Full Liner.

The DOP took the opportunity to also present the BIG BAG for rubber. After their presentation, the delegation asked for assurances regarding the fumigation in the Full Liner. To this concern, he reassured everyone as to the capacity and availability of FILTISAC to adapt its products to the specific needs of customers through its Innovation and Development department made up of competent people.

After the first part of the ceremony, which took place indoors, the CEO led the visitors to the test site located a stone’s throw from the stores of the Jute factory to carry out the practical tests. On site, visitors could see: several tons of rubber trees dumped on tarpaulins, a team of loaders dressed in FILTISAC t-shirts and a 12 knot container inside which was the impressive Full Liner. The Test At the request of the CEO, the guests take a tour of the container and related accessories and then sit down to follow the demonstration.

The assembly team enters the container, unfolds the liner and installs it in about 30 minutes under the watchful eyes of the guests and the SGS certifier representative. This full-scale installation reveals solutions to the concern about fumigation.

Indeed, it appears that the two ropes at the entrance of the liner can be used for fumigation. After the successful installation of the Full Liner in the container, the loaders fall into place. One group uses sticks to lift rubber balls off. Following them, another group positions themselves to fill the buckets. Once the buckets are loaded with rubber, these buckets are passed from hand to hand to be dumped into the Liner.

This loading operation will take about 3 hours. When the container closes, SGS takes note of the various constants and notifies the end of the session, allowing the guests to take their leave. See you soon for the results in our next issue.

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01 BP 3962 Abidjan 01
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Tél. : (225) 27 20 30 46 00
Fax : (225) 27 20 30 46 46