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The themes of social responsibility have now become major issues for any business. For FILTISAC, carrying out the CSR approach, which reconciles economic, social, societal and environmental issues, is part of a Sustainable Development process.

Economic issues

Change in turnover and net income

FILTISAC’s turnover at the end of December 2019 amounted to 39.164 billion CFA francs

FILTISAC’s net income is 1,855 billion CFA francs for the year 2019 or 6% of the annual turnover.

Social issues

Actions to support the employability of young people

FILTISAC encourages any action aimed at promoting jobs by participating in several projects:

  • The PEJEDEC projects (integration of young graduates into the world of work), CIDFOR (strengthening of the skills of vocational training teachers) which has earned it two honor rolls.
  • The SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT project (maintaining jobs for middle managers by adapting to changes in the work environment).
  • As part of its CSR policy, in collaboration with the Agence Emploi Jeune (AGEPE), Grandes Ecoles, Vocational High Schools, Trade Centers as well as local universities, FILTISAC is strengthening its policy of integrating young people by recruiting student-applicants in various fields of activity such as: Finance Accounting, Human Resources and Communication, QHSE, Logistics and Transport, Industrial maintenance etc ….

Preserving the health of workers and their families

FILTISAC attaches importance to the health of its staff, which is its primary resource. FILTISAC’s health policy is to guarantee staff, their spouses and children permanent access to health care.

Societal issues

Creation of a parenting and early childhood development space

In order to promote reading and contribute to literacy, 838 children benefited from reading activities. FILTISAC has equipped itself with an equipped, comfortable and secure space for parental education and early childhood development activities open since June 20, 2019.

Actions in favor of communities and sport

Anxious to be part of a process of solidarity and support towards the Ivorian populations, the governance of FILTISAC carries out actions to meet the needs of the population.

  • For the year 2019, FILTISAC provided assistance to children, assistance to the village AMANGOUA and assisted the bereaved of the company to the tune of CFAF 2,799,403.
  • As part of FILTISAC’s support actions for sport, it donated a set of sports jersey to the Amour MTB club. Through this initiative, FILTISAC wants to encourage the efforts made by the mountain biking club to promote this noble art aimed at the well-being of populations.

Environmental issues

Sustainable management of water resources

FILTISAC has produced watertight masonry pits for collecting condensate drains from air compressors. This collected water is used for cleaning offices and washrooms, including changing rooms, while ensuring the same level of hygiene. The water capacity collected is 1.5 m3 every two days, which represents an average of 4.5 m3 per week worked.

Preservation of the Banco Natural Park

FILTISAC has built manholes and nozzles in order to slow down the speed of the rainwater flowing out of its site towards the BANCO forest, passing under the rails. Today, thanks to this work combined with that of SITARAIL, the water is flowing at a very low speed, no longer posing a threat to the Banco forest, our precious common good.

01 BP 3962 Abidjan 01
Autoroute d'Abobo, Abidjan

Tél. : (225) 27 20 30 46 00
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01 BP 3962 Abidjan 01
Abobo Highway, Abidjan

Tél. : (225) 27 20 30 46 00
Fax : (225) 27 20 30 46 46